10 December 2013

OOTN - Topshop Sequin Skirt ♥

Hey dolls,

long time no speak, hope you are well!

Can you believe it's actually December?! It's come around soooo fast!

I've been super busy with uni work but as the first of December struck, I headed of on a girls night out. As it's December it's officially sequin season (well, I'm not sure if that's official but it is in my book) - yay!

Here's my outfit of the night:

What have you been rocking this festive season?

04 November 2013

Outfit of the night ♥

Hey dolls,

On Saturday night I headed out to help at a local beauty contest and thought that I would share my outfit and makeup with you, as I love having a little nosey at what people wear on nights out!

Dress: Topshop

I also wore my pimped up poppy, which you can see a tutorial for here.

22 October 2013

Wrappz personalised iphone cover and giveaway ♥

Hey dolls,

Hope you are all well. A few weeks ago I was contacted by Lauren at Wrappz and asked if I would like to review one of their cases. As a big iPhone fan and a cover lover I was quick to reply and couldn't wait to design and receive my cover.

The design process couldn't be easier; after selecting the type of phone that you have, you select the picture (or pictures) that you would like on your phone cover and then position it over an outline of the phone. One thing that I really love about the cover is that the picture continues across all sides of the cover (but if you'd prefer, you can choose to have a coloured background with your picture on top).

I ordered my cover late on Thursday night and was amazed to find a parcel on my door mat on Saturday morning (thumbs up for super quick delivery!!) One of the first things that hit me when I opened the parcel was how shiny the cover was and how professional it looked. I opted for a picture of my little pooch Louis and I am in love with the cover and already thinking of other pictures I could order.

The covers are priced according to the phone you have, but at less than £20 I think that they make a perfect Christmas gifts; I know I'd love to receive something personalised as it shows that thought has gone into the gift and these are so practical too!

I have a £/$/5 voucher to give away, so to be in a chance of winning it leave a comment below stating what picture you would have on a personalised cover together with your email address before 5th November :)

If you would like to get yourself one of these covers, head over to: www.wrappz.com

03 October 2013

Ardell Demi Wispies - fake eyelashes ♥

Hey dolls,

I am definitely a fake lash girl and if I had the choice (and time!) I would wear them everyday, as I love my eyes to be the focus of my makeup. Therefore a night time makeup look for me isn't complete without some Cheryl Cole-esque lashes and after hearing a lot of people saying good things about the Ardell demi wispies, I picked some up from my local Sally's beauty suppliers.

At first I thought that they may be a little too fan like but thought that I'd try them anyway and I am so glad that I did. They tend to enhance your lashes, making them look thicker and longer, without looking in your face obvious or like spiders legs.

I have used my lashes a few times now, as I prefer to only put mascara on my natural lashes, and they still look brand new! A little tip to keep your lashes in good condition is to remove any excess glue carefully with your fingers after each wear but most importantly is to put them back into the box or lay them flat after wear to prevent them bending as this can damage the spine.

I would certainly recommend these lashes if you are looking for some feathery lashes that don't look too much.

Have any of you tried these?

25 September 2013

Leopard Print Trend Autum/Winter 2013 ♥

Hey Dolls,

Leopard print is due to a huge trend this autumn having featured heavily in London Fashion Week. South Beach swimwear have done a blog post on this trend and I have featured in it!

Here's the link for you girls: Leopard Print Trend

What leopard print pieces are you loving this season?

23 September 2013

OOTN and FOTN - Cobalt blue A lined Topshop Skirt ♥

Hey dolls,

Hope you are well!

On Saturday night I headed out with one of my best friends for a much needed catch-up (and some cheeky cocktails!) and I thought that I would share my outfit and makeup with you, as I love seeing what others wear on girls nights out.


New Look cami (here is a previous blogpost on styling these lovely cami tops) 
Topshop cobalt blue A-lined skirt
Gucci clutch bag


What are you girls wearing for girls nights out at the moment?

14 September 2013

OOTD Topshop leopard print dress and leather jacket ♥

Hey dolls,

If you're in the UK at the moment you will know that summer weather is now a distant memory and the winter chill is upon us. Shorts and sandles have been packed away, whilst jackets and coats are a much needed accessory for the foreseeable future. At the moment I am loving wearing my Topshop leather jacket, as not only does it add a little extra to any outfit, but it is also a happy medium when it is too cold to go without but not cold enough for a proper thick coat.

Jacket - Topshop
Dress - Topshop
Boots - River Island
Bag - Black Mulberry Del Ray

I wore this outfit at the weekend for lunch and shopping as it is casual yet has a dressy edge. 

What do you girls like pairing with your leather jackets?

11 September 2013

University Lecture Tips ♥

Hey dolls,

As you may know I am currently heading into my third year of university (eeeek!) studying biology and thought that I would write a little post about my lecture experiences, with some tips that I have picked up along the way.

When people ask me what lectures are like I say:

"It's like sitting in a cinema but instead of watching a film, the lights are dimmed and a lecturer stands at the front with a PowerPoint presentation and talks at you for about an hour whilst you frantically try to scribble down as much as they say without getting lost and then you have a five minute chat with your friends before they start again."

I usually have either two or four lectures a day and trying to keep up and focused, especially when dealing with difficult material, can be quite hard and this is where tip number one slots in:

Tip #1 - get a dictaphone
I got a dictaphone in second year and it has helped me no end and I would feel lost without it now. Keeping up in lectures can be difficult, especially when you have lecturers that forget to print half the handout or are adiment that they will do two lectures back to back with no break. Having a dictaphone isn't a replacement for taking notes, but when I feel lost by something that has been said, didn't get chance to write down what was said or even found my self drifting away and thinking about what I was having for dinner, I quickly note down the time displayed and then replay this bit when reviewing my lecture notes sometime that week. This is where the next tip comes in:

Tip #2 - keep up with lecture notes
This is a must, as leaving them will make revision stressful! This doesn't have to mean you spend hours memorising notes but just make sure you understand what was covered and you have filled in any gaps that you missed (e.g. with the dictaphone). When I have done this I put a big tick on the front sheet so you know where you are. It's important to keep lecture handouts organised, as I have learnt from experience, it saves a lot of time when it comes to revision. 

Tip #3 - annotate handouts, but always have some paper or a notepad
When I started university, they told us not to annotate handouts but make notes - this is impossible and pointless as a lot of the information is already written down and therefore you may miss out something important they say as you rush to scribble down what you already have. Most people annotate their handouts but I always like to quickly add numbers to each slide on the handout and then if I run out of place or the lecturer goes off on a tandem, I write down the slide number on a separate sheet and the continue writing. When reviewing notes I like to staple this sheets together or file them individually with each lecture handout.

These are some of my tips for lecture that I think have helped me, so I hope that they will help you! Good luck to any of you new students and if you are already at university, what tips have you picked up along the way? I'd love to hear them. 

09 September 2013

New Look little black cami top ♥

Hey dolls!

I have been on the look out for new vest tops for some time now, as I love the versatility of them but am not that keen of the v neck of the Topshop vests that I have as I don't think that they look that dressy.  Finally I found these tops in New Look, which are a steal at £9.99 and almost identical to the Topshop versions but nearly half the price! They are a chiffon like material and available in a range of different colours and I definitely plan on getting more!

I initially purchased the black top and thought that I would show how versatile it is and how it is a great dressy alternative to the traditional vest top!

Outfit one 

Topshop printed trousers
New look sandals

Outfit two

New look army style trousers
Topshop wedges

Outfit three

Abercrombie and Fitch shorts
New look sandals

Outfit four

River island blue scalloped shorts
New look sandals

Outfit five

Topshop pink pleated skirt
Topshop black heels

As you can see these are really versatile and do add that something extra that a traditional vest top lacks.

Have any of you girls got these or similar tops? How do you like to style them?

19 August 2013

A day at the races ♥

Hey dolls,

Hope you are all well. On Saturday I grabbed my highest heels and favourite outfit and headed to the horse races! It was an amazing day and all girls had pulled out the stops to dress up. In the car on the way there I decided a target of an illamasqua eye shadow quad for how much I wanted to win. Unfortunately I didn't reach my target, but did win £13 on a £1 bet whoooo!!

Here is my outfit and makeup:


French connection dress
Topshop heels
Mulberry Lilly


As any beauty blogger or makeup enthusiast, doing my makeup was something I was looking forwards to as you can go all out! I actually got complimented on my makeup and asked if I had had it done!

Have any of you been to the races? What did you wear and did you make a big win?

04 August 2013

Dubai night time outfits ♥

Hey dolls,

I have been a little MIA recently but that's because I've just returned from a wonderful holiday in Dubai!

I had an amazing time topping up the tan and chilling around the pool and of course dressing up to go out at night. Dubai is definitely a dress up destination with everyone opting for dresses and heels as opposed to shorts and flats, and well which girl doesn't love to get dressed up?! I thought I'd share some holiday outfit snaps with you:

Topshop cream and coral lace dress and French connection heels with a gucci clutch

Lipsy nude feather dress with French connection heels and gucci clutch

Lipsy pink diamanté pocket dress with new look heels and accessorize clutch

French connection jumpsuit with mulberry diamanté stud clutch

Topshop blue peplum dress with new look heels and mulberry clutch


Topshop dress up range jumpsuit ....

....with topshop bandeau 

Topshop coral lace back playsuit with French connection heels and gucci clutch

River island beach maxi

Pixi Lott lipsy jumpsuit with mulberry Lilly and new look heels

Topshop white sequin top with topshop pink skater skirt, accessorize clutch and new look heels

French connection shoulder ruffle dress and French connection heels with gucci clutch

Lipsy white dress with new look heels

I had a wonderful time and every time I visit Dubai I fall a little bit more in love with the place haha.

Have you girls been away this summer?

18 June 2013


Hey dolls,

So after finishing the stressful time of exam season, I let my hair down with a night out with the girls and good old dance!

I wore a topshop purple peplum dress - I think I have a bit of a peplum dress obsession, as I have this in three different colours! Does anyone else do this when they like a dress? I have their skater dressers in four colours too haha.

17 June 2013

NOTD - Illamasqua collide & Models Own Juicy Jules ♥

Hey dolls,

The sun has been making a little bit of an appearance and so out have come the summer bright nail polishes! I am definitely a girly-girly; if somethings pink, sparkly and full of glitter I will probably love it and do love this nail look.

Collide by illamasqua is a bright pink polish, and I think that it is best applied with a coat of a pale pink nail varnish below to prevent any streaks and then two coats of collide give a beautiful opaque colour. Initially I was only going to apply models own juicy jules polish (a holographic silver glitter) to my ring fingers, but I couldn't resist applying it to all my fingers.

What colour are you girls rocking at the moment?

PrincessJuicyT ♥

16 June 2013

Illamasqua haul ♥

Hey dolls,

A few weeks ago I was in the middle of a hectic exam season, when Illamasqua put on a 50% off flash sale to celebrate reaching 50K twitter followers. As Illamasqua is one of my favourite make-up brands I obviously made some cheeky purchases to brighten up my revision doom! In addition to the flash sale price I also received a further 10% discount for being a repeat customer and actually regret not purchasing more! The website was going extremely slow as people rushed to take advantage of the amazing offers available so mine and my mum's orders were put through with minutes to spare - this was definitely more stressful than Immunology revision!

As Cheryl Cole is my beauty icon, my aim is to emulate her contoured cheek bones and as an avid watcher of pixiwoo's you tube channel, I opted for the raved about hollow cream pigment. The cream is a warm brown colour with a slight grey tone, meaning that it is perfect for contouring, as it lacks the orange tones and shimmers of some bronzers meaning that it enhances the natural shadows of the cheek bones as apposed to leaving an orange stripe, which is definitely a beauty no no. The cream is perfect for contouring as the product can be built up easily but can be blended into the rest of the skin.

The second product that I chose was gleam cream highlighter, which I have wanted for a long time. It a gorgeous shimmery champagne colour, which I put onto my cheek bones, under my eyebrows, down the bridge of my nose and on my cupids bow using my finger tips and then use a small blending brush to blend the product in. In previous beauty reviews I had read people said that the product didn't last very well, but so far I haven't had that problem. Again with this being a cream product I think that it is quite versatile as it can be applied quite sheer or can be built up to the be heavier.

My final product was an illamasqua blusher brush, which is one of the softest brushes I have ever used. The bristles are quite dense and I think that the brush is ideal for applying cream products and I use it to apply the hollow cream. I also think that it would be quite good at applying foundation and so if a deal like this comes up again I will certainly be grabbing another! (Lets hope that they do 75% off when they reach 75K followers or 100% off when they reach 100K follows - well a girl can wish!).

I am certainly going to make a list of products that I would like to speed up any future purchases in one of their amazing flash sales! Did you girls get anything in the sale?

Princess Juicy T ♥

15 June 2013

Look who's back, back again! ♥

Hey dolls,

After a very hectic year I am officially back to blogging! Here are a few picture of what I have been upto in my blogging absence:

Working hard on my Biology degree. I have now officially finished my second year as a university student studying Biology and it is nearly time to start work on my dissertation - scary times!

I was a hairdresser at a local beauty pageant, with the winner representing my town in the upcoming Miss England contest.

I went to the clothes show where I was a model for a Lee Stafford demonstration and met Amy Childs.

I celebrated Christmas with my little munchkin.

I Turned 20! Unfortunately my birthday fell right in the middle of exam week (eugh! Who wants a statistics exam at 9am on their birthday) but I made up for it at the weekend with a night out with my friend.

I've had some fun nights out with friends.

I went to see Cheryl Cole

....and Girls Aloud!

And along the way I've had this little cutie keeping me company!

Princess Juicy T ♥