20 October 2010

Halloween Cat look

Hey dolls,

So as you know halloween is just around the corner and I'm sure that you will be going to some sort of fancy dress and I think that this is an easy look to create!

To start, you have to draw a black line with eyeliner from the corner of the eye like so.

Then you have to continue the liner along your lower lash line.

Then join the line over the upper lash line ans extend outwards.

Using black eyeliner dot all around the eye area, right upto the eyebrow.

Blend the dots in using your fingers to get a even black colur and then follow the eyebrow shape roughly and fill it in to define the eyebrows and darken them.

Taking glitter, mine is a white with a purple sparkle, gently pat it over the eyelid and it should stay in place to give a dark glittery look.

Then draw on whiskers using the eyeliner and also a small black nose and dots above the mouth. To get the cat lips, I put on a red lipstick and then outlined my lips using black eyeliner and extended the lines to get a longer mouth which is then joned to the nose. Simply use your finger to blend together the lipstick and eyeliner to remove harsh lines.

I have on some wet look leggings and a sparkly top, although a plain black top could be used. Then I just have some patent black high heel shoes on and some cat ears. For the makeup, it needs to be dramatic as it is halloween after all!

09 October 2010

Wella Hair Products

Hey dolls,

I headed over to my nearest Sally's hair suppliers last week to see what they had and spotted these two products on a buy on get one free offer! There was a choice of Wella hair products to choose from but I think that these two suit what I want from my hair but I could have easily walked away with the whole Wella range.

I bought Crystal styler and Add Some Volume. Both are great products. The Crystal Styler is setting spray which you use when the hair is damp, before blow drying or using rollers. It's great as it gives the hair volume and hold. Add Some Body is a gel which again you use on damp hair. You can then either blow dry or let the hair dry naturally to add volume to the hair.

I would recommend both products, especially as they are on a buy one get one free offer!

Princess Juicy T ♥

07 October 2010

Clinique Breast Cancer Keyring

Hey dolls

Sorry it's been a while since my last post - I've been so busy with writing my personal statement for Uni! They take ages to perfect - are you guys applying?

So my Dad went shopping the other day and bought me a Breast Cancer keyring! I had been telling him about them so he must have been listening :). I love the idea of showing support for such a good charity that is close to all of us - almost everyone knows someone who has been affected. They are £15 and for each keyring sold this month, £2 will go to Breast Cancer Care. They are so cute - the little lipglosses remind me of the lipgloss phone charms everyone used to have and they are so handy to take everywhere!

What I ♥ about this keyring is the fact that it is styled in the same way as the Tiffany & Co. ones. My Mum has a had one for a number of years and I have always wanted one but can now make my own! I have a spare Tiffany & Co. pendant which I no longer use so simply hooked and undid one of the balls and pushed it on. Now when the lipglosses run out I have another use for the keyring. 

Princess Juicy T ♥