05 December 2010

Pantene ♥

Hey dolls,

I was recently sent some pantene pro-v products and after using them I would definitely recommend them! I was sent the aqua light shampoo, conditioner, intensive mask and nourishment spray and then a heat protector.

I love the aqua light shampoo and conditioner - they smell lovely and they do make your hair feel much lighter but not dry.

I have wanted to try the intensive mask for some time as I love the feeling of really smooth, conditioned hair. I love this mask and will definitely repurchase when I have used it all up. It tells you to shampoo and condition as usual and then leave this on for 2 -3 minutes. As I wanted to fully feel the effects of the conditioning, I left it on for much longer and then washed it out and let my hair air dry. My hair was smooth and I couldn't stop feeling my fringe - I would recommend this product and have to done to my friends!

The nourishment spray is to be used on damp or dry hair and you spray it onto hair that needs nourishment. As my fringe tends to get dry due to hair drying and straightening, I used the spray here and I could tell a difference as it fell soft and again I couldn't stop touching it! The spray is made up of two different liquids - a blue and a clear and therefore the spray has to be shaken before using.

The heat protector was part of the ice shine range and again I would use this again. I think that heat protectors are the most important hair products after shampoo and conditioner especially if you want to use heat but prevent split ends and breakages.

Have any of you used the aqua light range? What do you guys think to it?

Princess Juicy T ♥

05 November 2010

Pimp your poppy ♥

Hey dolls!

Hope you are all well and had a lovely Halloween! I was in Los Angeles last week and will be doing a post about where I went, what I bought and who I met!

So as many of you in the UK will know that around this time of year, poppies are worn for remembrance day and this year more and more celebrities are wearing crystal poppies; from the X Factor judges to the Loose Women ladies. I love the idea behind the poppies and think that pimping them makes them so more fashionable!
Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole on the X factor

I had the idea to pimp my poppy the other day and quickly ordered some crystals from the Internet and purchased my poppy and then got busy with the bling!

This is what you will need if you want to recreate the pimped poppy:

Simply take the tweezers and lifted the crystals from the paper, twisting as you do so. Don't worry about the glue, it is already attached.

Then place the crystal where you want on the poppy, I went for a random crystal look, and then push down with your fingers to ensure that they are stuck down.

Then carry on placing your crystals and there you go, a pimped poppy!

After and before shot

Princess Juicy T ♥

20 October 2010

Halloween Cat look

Hey dolls,

So as you know halloween is just around the corner and I'm sure that you will be going to some sort of fancy dress and I think that this is an easy look to create!

To start, you have to draw a black line with eyeliner from the corner of the eye like so.

Then you have to continue the liner along your lower lash line.

Then join the line over the upper lash line ans extend outwards.

Using black eyeliner dot all around the eye area, right upto the eyebrow.

Blend the dots in using your fingers to get a even black colur and then follow the eyebrow shape roughly and fill it in to define the eyebrows and darken them.

Taking glitter, mine is a white with a purple sparkle, gently pat it over the eyelid and it should stay in place to give a dark glittery look.

Then draw on whiskers using the eyeliner and also a small black nose and dots above the mouth. To get the cat lips, I put on a red lipstick and then outlined my lips using black eyeliner and extended the lines to get a longer mouth which is then joned to the nose. Simply use your finger to blend together the lipstick and eyeliner to remove harsh lines.

I have on some wet look leggings and a sparkly top, although a plain black top could be used. Then I just have some patent black high heel shoes on and some cat ears. For the makeup, it needs to be dramatic as it is halloween after all!

09 October 2010

Wella Hair Products

Hey dolls,

I headed over to my nearest Sally's hair suppliers last week to see what they had and spotted these two products on a buy on get one free offer! There was a choice of Wella hair products to choose from but I think that these two suit what I want from my hair but I could have easily walked away with the whole Wella range.

I bought Crystal styler and Add Some Volume. Both are great products. The Crystal Styler is setting spray which you use when the hair is damp, before blow drying or using rollers. It's great as it gives the hair volume and hold. Add Some Body is a gel which again you use on damp hair. You can then either blow dry or let the hair dry naturally to add volume to the hair.

I would recommend both products, especially as they are on a buy one get one free offer!

Princess Juicy T ♥

07 October 2010

Clinique Breast Cancer Keyring

Hey dolls

Sorry it's been a while since my last post - I've been so busy with writing my personal statement for Uni! They take ages to perfect - are you guys applying?

So my Dad went shopping the other day and bought me a Breast Cancer keyring! I had been telling him about them so he must have been listening :). I love the idea of showing support for such a good charity that is close to all of us - almost everyone knows someone who has been affected. They are £15 and for each keyring sold this month, £2 will go to Breast Cancer Care. They are so cute - the little lipglosses remind me of the lipgloss phone charms everyone used to have and they are so handy to take everywhere!

What I ♥ about this keyring is the fact that it is styled in the same way as the Tiffany & Co. ones. My Mum has a had one for a number of years and I have always wanted one but can now make my own! I have a spare Tiffany & Co. pendant which I no longer use so simply hooked and undid one of the balls and pushed it on. Now when the lipglosses run out I have another use for the keyring. 

Princess Juicy T ♥ 

08 September 2010

Victoria's Secret

Hey dolls,

As many of you will be aware we do not currently have a Victoria's Secret in the UK, although I have heard rumours about one opening in London :) So when my Dad said that he was going to New York with work I was quick to jump to my computer and start making a list!

Many people in the UK think that Victoria's Secret is just an underwear shop but they sell so much more! I ♥ the pink clothing section and also the beauty rush makeup so I was so excited to start internet shopping :) I made a long list for my Dad, with pictures, sizes, item numbers, names ..... so that he could get the right stuff! Two products that caught my eye were the beauty rush mascara and the smokey eye palette. I have an obsession with the beauty rush lipglosses and have them in almost every flavour that they do so thought I would add the mascara to my collection. I usually use BadGal by Benefit, a product that I love, but have got to say that this mascara is just as good! The palette is also really good - it has alot of pigmentation and having all the colours together makes it easy to create a smokey look without carrying around loads of eyeshadows! So I though that I would do a tutorial on  using these new products, as well as some old favourites, on how to achieve a smokey day look. Here are the products that I am going to use:

Erase paste by Benefit
Lemonade by Benefit
Satisfied eye palette and BeautyRush mascara
Dior eyeshadow brush
MAC 228 brush

I also used BadGal by Benefit.

So first take erase paste by benefit and carefully dot under the eye area to help cover any dark circles - I have really bad ones! I ♥ this product as the coverage is great and it blends really well with the skin. Blend this in using the ring finger as the eye area is very sensitive and I want to avoid wrinkles!

Next you want to prime the eyelids to avoid any creasing and give your makeup the lasting factor. I use lemonade by Benefit and use my finger to cover the lid area.

Now it’s time to apply the eyeshadows! I do this using the MAC So initially I take a gunmetal shade and cover the whole eyelid with this. It’s a really nice shade and has a metallic look to it – rather like Urban Decay eyeshadows.

Then take the darkest shade, a black colour with a slight glitter to it, and pat it onto the outer edge of the eye and around the socket. Don’t worry if you appear to have a harsh line, as using a fluffy brush will blend the colours together later.

I then take the lighter shades, putting the lightest in the inside corner of the eye and the slightly darker one a litter further in.

Now I use a Dior eyeshadow brush to gently blend the colours and avoid any harsh lines!

Following this I apply my eyeliner to the lower lash line and water line – I normally only apply eyeliner to the lower lash line but as This is quite a dark eye look I do the lash line too. I use BadGal by Benefit and simply pull my eye down slightly and then run the eyeliner across.

Now the eyeshadow and liner are complete and all that is left to apply is mascara! I’m using the one mentioned previously. A little trick that I use to get the best coverage of lashes without making them look like spiders legs is to look down and run the mascara down the back of the lashes before apply as usual.

Tdarrrr! The smokey eye is complete. To make it a little more dramatic you could add false eyelashes and apply the colours more heavily, especially for a night out, but I was doing a more day time smokey look. Here is a before and after shot!


I hope you like it dolls and If you have any requests don’t hesitate to email me or comment on any of my posts :) So if you are heading to America or know people who are then make Victoria's Secrets a must on your shopping list. Also, a quick pointer is to sign up to www.vspink.com/pink_nation/ - they have exclusive offers and free gifts for members - this month you can buy and really nice T - shirt for $5!

Oohh and I would like to thank all my new followers! I never thought that I would get 10 people never alone over 50! So thank you.

Princess Juicy T ♥

22 August 2010

Revlon Review

Hi dolls,

A few weeks ago, before my holiday, I was lucky enough to be sent some products from revlon and nailene to review. I was very excited upon receiving the email asking me if I would like to review the products and had to wait patiently tracking my parcel on the fed-ex website until it arrived at my door!

I quickly open the box to find two paper bags filled with tissue paper and goodies! One was filled with revlon products and the other nailene but I will just review the revlon products in this post and the nailene products in a separate post.

In the revlon black carrier bag I recieved some eyelash glue and three pairs of false eyelashes. I absolutely love false eyelashes and regularly wear them. I love MAC false lashes but I don't love the price tag for frequent use - I think that they are more of a treat and therefore should be saved for a special occasion!

As I was going on holiday, I decided to take the eyelashes with me and use them there and I must say that I was very impressed! I love the 91002 pair as they are so natural looking but just give you added volume and length without making you look like Katie Price!

91169 has a lot more volume and therefore suit a night out rather than the day - they have a dramatic effect! I love the impact that these lashes have and just like the other pairs they are easily applied and stay fixed for a long time.

The third pair that I received, 99501, did not require glue and came with strips to attach them - I ♥ the idea of this. I am yet to use this pair but will upload a review when I do!

I was very impressed by the glue that I received. I didn't use the small tube that came with the individual lashes, but the separate tube that I was sent. I usually use Duo glue and sometimes find that when squeezing the tube a big blob will come out and either cover the lashes or just be wasted, but this was not the case with the revlon glue as it had a small brush which meant that a thin coating of glue could be applied accurately and neatly - perfect for making sure they didn't look obviously fake!

Overall I ♥ these lashes! As I have said before I ♥ MAC lashes but not the price tag. I think that these lashes are reasonably priced especially as you can use them more than once if you take care with them.

My key tips are to be careful whilst apply the glue so not to cover the lashes and also after removing you may have glue build up - get out the handy nail scissors! I know it might sound crazy but carefully trim away the glue - avoiding the lashes - and you have a near new pair of lashes! Oohh and avoid puting  mascara on top of them. 

Princess Juicy T ♥

19 July 2010

Pussycat Dolls DVD

Hey dolls,

I am such a big pussycat dolls fan and love dancing, so when I saw that this DVD had been released in January I just had to get it! I did it a little after I got it but never did the whole DVD until this weekend - it is soooo good. There is a warm up routine and then three break down dances and performances and finally a cool down. The break down dances are to buttons, a burlesque and dontcha. Basically they talk you through the routine and you repeat it a few times. My muscles ached so much the next day but I had to do the DVD again because I enjoyed it so much. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves the pussycat dolls or dancing in general. It's such a good workout but you don't even realise you are doing so because the DVD is so fun.

Hope you are all well,

Princess Juicy T ♥

image from google

03 July 2010

Clothes Show London

Hey girls :)
So at the weekend I was lucky enough to visit the Clothes Show in London. I must say that there were nowhere near as many stands as the winter one at the NEC in Birmingham and I missed Juicy Couture, Tigi etc.

A stand that I really enjoyed visiting was Tara Smith. She was extreamly nice and I spent some time talking to her about her clients , the fact we have the same name and also her amazing products - I will do a review once using. I tried out the finishing spray and my hair has never felt so soft! She asked if I would like to be her hair model, her hair cuts normally cost £250, but it would mean cutting my hair radically and I love my long locks too much to allow that to be done!

I had my hair washed and blow dried at the Pantene stand and was able to try the new aqua range - it is really good. I did recieve some samples, so again will do a review when I have used them more. My hair felt light and also was really shiny. They were doing casting for a new advert to be released in August and I was asked by a number of people to take part and I did, so watch out as I could be hitting a screen near you lol. I was really tempted to do my best Cheryl Cole (or should I say Tweedy?) impression: 'Weak, limp, lifeless - I found an answer to our hair prayers. My hair has its mojo back!'.

The actual Clothes Show was really good. The show was presented by Larry and George Lamb and they presented a prize to a designer whose dress will be available in New Look stores around the country in the winter. The Wanted played and I ♥ their new song - it was really catchy! One of them was 2 years above me at school so it was quite cool seeing him lol.  After the show I was able to meet George and Larry - as a superfan of Gavin and Stacey and a lover of Eastenders I was obviously very happy! I must say that Larry Lamb was really nice!

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the day although I do think that the NEC show is alot better - there are more and better stands. Hope you all had good weekend in the hot weather!

Princess Juicy T ♥