31 May 2010

My top 3 eye make-up items

Hi everyone, so this is my first real blog entry so I thought I would talk about the makeup items I couldn't live without. My favourite makeup brands would have to be benefit and MAC as I love the glitter and girly pink shades and just think that these brand have the lasting power that some others lack.

The first product I ♥ is Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara. I think that this is the best mascara you can get! The brush is really thick and so is able to coat all my lashes quite easily. I find the best way to put on this mascara is to go down the top of my lashes first and then apply it from underneath; this ensures that all my lashes are covered and then they look thick and long. I do apply it to the bottom lashes, but I try not to do too much as it can run if your eyes water, leaving black colouration below the eyes, which isn't a good look!

Another product I cannot live without is is benefit Boi-ing. This is a really strong concealer and has good coverage. I mainly use it below my eyes, but you can also cover the odd blemish and it blends very easily to the rest of your skin. I would suggest putting this on before foundation, but after eyeshadow so that any loose pigments do not cling to it, leaving colour below the eyes.

I absolutely ♥ Benefit Bad Gal eyeliner. It has a thick tip and so can easily draw thick lines as well as smudging to give a smokey eye look. It doesn't seem to rub off easily so has the staying power that I find other eyeliners lack. If you look out, Glamour magazine is giving away a free one in the June issue so keep your eyes peeled!

Princess Juicy T ♥