22 August 2010

Revlon Review

Hi dolls,

A few weeks ago, before my holiday, I was lucky enough to be sent some products from revlon and nailene to review. I was very excited upon receiving the email asking me if I would like to review the products and had to wait patiently tracking my parcel on the fed-ex website until it arrived at my door!

I quickly open the box to find two paper bags filled with tissue paper and goodies! One was filled with revlon products and the other nailene but I will just review the revlon products in this post and the nailene products in a separate post.

In the revlon black carrier bag I recieved some eyelash glue and three pairs of false eyelashes. I absolutely love false eyelashes and regularly wear them. I love MAC false lashes but I don't love the price tag for frequent use - I think that they are more of a treat and therefore should be saved for a special occasion!

As I was going on holiday, I decided to take the eyelashes with me and use them there and I must say that I was very impressed! I love the 91002 pair as they are so natural looking but just give you added volume and length without making you look like Katie Price!

91169 has a lot more volume and therefore suit a night out rather than the day - they have a dramatic effect! I love the impact that these lashes have and just like the other pairs they are easily applied and stay fixed for a long time.

The third pair that I received, 99501, did not require glue and came with strips to attach them - I ♥ the idea of this. I am yet to use this pair but will upload a review when I do!

I was very impressed by the glue that I received. I didn't use the small tube that came with the individual lashes, but the separate tube that I was sent. I usually use Duo glue and sometimes find that when squeezing the tube a big blob will come out and either cover the lashes or just be wasted, but this was not the case with the revlon glue as it had a small brush which meant that a thin coating of glue could be applied accurately and neatly - perfect for making sure they didn't look obviously fake!

Overall I ♥ these lashes! As I have said before I ♥ MAC lashes but not the price tag. I think that these lashes are reasonably priced especially as you can use them more than once if you take care with them.

My key tips are to be careful whilst apply the glue so not to cover the lashes and also after removing you may have glue build up - get out the handy nail scissors! I know it might sound crazy but carefully trim away the glue - avoiding the lashes - and you have a near new pair of lashes! Oohh and avoid puting  mascara on top of them. 

Princess Juicy T ♥