19 July 2010

Pussycat Dolls DVD

Hey dolls,

I am such a big pussycat dolls fan and love dancing, so when I saw that this DVD had been released in January I just had to get it! I did it a little after I got it but never did the whole DVD until this weekend - it is soooo good. There is a warm up routine and then three break down dances and performances and finally a cool down. The break down dances are to buttons, a burlesque and dontcha. Basically they talk you through the routine and you repeat it a few times. My muscles ached so much the next day but I had to do the DVD again because I enjoyed it so much. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves the pussycat dolls or dancing in general. It's such a good workout but you don't even realise you are doing so because the DVD is so fun.

Hope you are all well,

Princess Juicy T ♥

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03 July 2010

Clothes Show London

Hey girls :)
So at the weekend I was lucky enough to visit the Clothes Show in London. I must say that there were nowhere near as many stands as the winter one at the NEC in Birmingham and I missed Juicy Couture, Tigi etc.

A stand that I really enjoyed visiting was Tara Smith. She was extreamly nice and I spent some time talking to her about her clients , the fact we have the same name and also her amazing products - I will do a review once using. I tried out the finishing spray and my hair has never felt so soft! She asked if I would like to be her hair model, her hair cuts normally cost £250, but it would mean cutting my hair radically and I love my long locks too much to allow that to be done!

I had my hair washed and blow dried at the Pantene stand and was able to try the new aqua range - it is really good. I did recieve some samples, so again will do a review when I have used them more. My hair felt light and also was really shiny. They were doing casting for a new advert to be released in August and I was asked by a number of people to take part and I did, so watch out as I could be hitting a screen near you lol. I was really tempted to do my best Cheryl Cole (or should I say Tweedy?) impression: 'Weak, limp, lifeless - I found an answer to our hair prayers. My hair has its mojo back!'.

The actual Clothes Show was really good. The show was presented by Larry and George Lamb and they presented a prize to a designer whose dress will be available in New Look stores around the country in the winter. The Wanted played and I ♥ their new song - it was really catchy! One of them was 2 years above me at school so it was quite cool seeing him lol.  After the show I was able to meet George and Larry - as a superfan of Gavin and Stacey and a lover of Eastenders I was obviously very happy! I must say that Larry Lamb was really nice!

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the day although I do think that the NEC show is alot better - there are more and better stands. Hope you all had good weekend in the hot weather!

Princess Juicy T ♥

NOTD #1 - Tickle me francey OPI

Hey girls!

So this week I went shopping and when I saw this colour nail varnish I just had to get it!

This is a lovely nude colour and it has a lovely shine. The nail varnish is OPI and is shade tickle me francey.

Princess Juicy T ♥

Fishtail plait

Hey girls :)

So thought that I would do another hair tutorial. Below are the steps to achieving a fishtail plait. You can do them neat for a night out or pull out to create a messy relaxed look. Hope the steps help - don't forget to comment!

You will need:

Gather all hair at one side of the head and tie loosely with a hair bobble.

Split the pony tail into two.

Take a small piece from one of the halves.

Take this small piece of hair over the half it is taken from and join it to the other half.

Repeat this step, this time with the other side.

Continue repeating alternating the sides that the hair is taken from.

You should achieve something like this.

Continue repeating until you reach the bottom of your hair and secure with a hair bobble.

Spray hairspray on the plait to secure it in place and grip any pieces that have fallen out.

Remove the bobble at the top of your hair if you wish - the fishtail plait will stay in place, don't worry!
For a relaxed look pull the plait out, as shown below, to loosen the fishtail plait.

The final look should be something like this.

Hope you like the look and once again if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!

Princess Juicy T ♥