20 March 2011

“Put a spring in your spring! Tell us, how would you lighten up your life? #AussieLight”

Hey dolls,

Aussie angels are giving a super opportunity to win one of ten chances to be an Aussie angel and as a lover of all Aussie products I just have to enter.

The question that you have to answer is :

“Put a spring in your spring! Tell us, how would you lighten up your life? #AussieLight”

So I was thinking about how I could answer the question and then I thought about an A-Z about things that remind me of spring!

Aussie products -well I ♥ them, the smell, the way they make my hair feel, the list could go on .....

Bows - great accessories for the summer to keep the hair our your eyes when tanning!

Curling tongs - curly hair is my signature style and it cannot be achieved without the tongs!

Dubai holidays - every summer I head off with the family and adore Dubai and actually want to move there when I'm older

Easter eggs - how can you have spring without Easter eggs?

Fishtail braids - I love fishtail braids and with all the celebs being spotted in them recently, I definitely will be wearing alot more of them this spring!

Glitter - for those spring night on the town

Handbags - these are vital for any outfit and I ♥ getting out the bright ones when the sun starts to shine!

I-pods  - I ♥ blasting out my tunes whilst spring cleaning or suntanning

Jelly Beans - well you have to have something to snack on in the long revision sessions

Killer heels - a must!

Lip glosses - a girl can never have too many!

Magazines - looking at the new trends for spring /summer and creating your wish list!

Nail Varnishes - especially on those toes that are visible to all.

Only Way Is Essex - I ♥ this programme so much! Don't forget it starts this week!

Plaits - I love this style at the moment and actually got Aussie hair of the day for it! I also did it on my cousins hair and it looked lush!

Quick shopping sprees - hahahahaha, well every girls is guilty!

Revising in style - unfortunately I have A-level exams in the summer, but i ♥ it when the sun is out and I can take my Juicy Couture stationary, put on my shades and head out into the sun to hit the books whilst getting a tan at the same time.

Sunglasses - a must have for any spring outfit!

Tans - everyone loves them, even if they're fake!

University plans - like many of the bloggers out there, I will be heading off to university this year!

Velcro rollers - volume hair is something I adore and use these in the summer to style my hair without heat damage which is vital in the spring and summer when your hair dries out anyway.

Wavy hair - again another hairstyle I ♥

X factor gossip - will they, won't they be judging it

You tube gurus - I just have to watch them to pick up new summer beauty tips!

Zebra print carrier bags - reminds me of our planned summer girly trip to Liverpool!

So I hope you like my A-Z of spring and summer :) What reminds you girls of spring?

Princess Juicy T ♥


  1. I'm loving my velcro rollers too! I got them a few weeks ago! and it really give me nice volumen!

  2. Love your blog! Hope you can check out mine sometime :)...


  3. Cute post. Love wavy hair! x