07 March 2011

Los Angeles & Derek Hough ♥

Hey dolls,

Last year I went to Los Angeles and I had an amazing time! I went for a week and flew from Heathrow terminal five, which I was quite looking forwards to but I was a little dissappointed as I didn't think that it was that much better than terminal three.

I love America in general but love Los Angeles so much, probably because of the weather and the whole glitz and glam of going to Hollywood, Rodeo Drive etc. Oohh and the star spotting! Last time I went I saw Jessica Alba, Ruby out of Eastenders and Matt Willis who was in Busted. This year I met Matt Lucas at LAX at passport controls, I saw Mario Lopez at the Grove Shopping centre and I met Derek Hough aka Cheryl Cole's BFF in my hotel!

Me and Derek Hough

Mario Lopez - Kylie Minogue was at the Shopping Centre at the same time as me too.

I love America and love the shopping as there are so many shops over there that we don't have in the UK and prices are much lower. I absolutely love Victoria's Secret; I think the Pink clothing section has some really nice things and I love it because you can't get them in the UK so no one else has the same things as you. I love going in Juicy Couture and Abercrombie and Fitch as you can pick things up much cheaper than they are in the UK.

LA Ink - I ♥ that programme!


Hugh Hefner's Star :)

I was addicted to these!

Princess Juicy T ♥


  1. Ahh ive been to all these places too - there is nowhere like LA - truely amazing!! x

  2. Pinkberry looks amazing!

  3. amazing pictures! so jealous, i really want to go on an american road trip! x

  4. OMG looks amazing! I'm soo jealous! Pretty sure you had an awesome time! xx

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  6. I am very jealous!
    Looks like you had an amazing time :) xx

  7. WOW seriously jealous right now

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