10 March 2011

My 18th and a tweet from Hugh Hefner ♥

Hey dolls,

So back in January I turned 18 and I had an amazing birthday and got some lovely gifts including a car from my parents and a tiffany's bracelet from my Nanna and Grandad :)

Here is what I wore:

My dress is from Lipsy

I also got tweeted from Hugh Hefner - I couldn't believe it, my cousin text me to tell me, as she follows me on twitter, and I was so excited haha. Have any of you guys had any famous tweets?

Princess Juicy T ♥


  1. You look gorgeous!

    I don't have a Twitter account so no famous tweets for me :-(

  2. You look gorgeous:) i love the dress!
    That's so cool that he tweeted you on your birthday! I've had a famous tweet once before too, from Paris Hilton! She tweeted about my blog which was very exciting:)

    I love your blog hun <3 now following xx

  3. I love your dress :) Hope you had a good 18th, got mine in less than a week, so excited!!

  4. You looked gorgeous, and that must have been very exciting for you :)

  5. I love your dress, so pretty! x

  6. Wow, Hugh tweeted you? What a crazy birthday present!

  7. Hope you had a fab birthday! :)
    And thats so exciting! xxx
    Unfortunately I don't have twitter, too confusing!

  8. im just getting used to twitter at the minute so nope no celebs for me.

    your dress is lovely .... happy belated birthday :)