03 July 2010

Fishtail plait

Hey girls :)

So thought that I would do another hair tutorial. Below are the steps to achieving a fishtail plait. You can do them neat for a night out or pull out to create a messy relaxed look. Hope the steps help - don't forget to comment!

You will need:

Gather all hair at one side of the head and tie loosely with a hair bobble.

Split the pony tail into two.

Take a small piece from one of the halves.

Take this small piece of hair over the half it is taken from and join it to the other half.

Repeat this step, this time with the other side.

Continue repeating alternating the sides that the hair is taken from.

You should achieve something like this.

Continue repeating until you reach the bottom of your hair and secure with a hair bobble.

Spray hairspray on the plait to secure it in place and grip any pieces that have fallen out.

Remove the bobble at the top of your hair if you wish - the fishtail plait will stay in place, don't worry!
For a relaxed look pull the plait out, as shown below, to loosen the fishtail plait.

The final look should be something like this.

Hope you like the look and once again if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!

Princess Juicy T ♥


  1. this ia gorgeous fishtail plait :) great work!xx

  2. I tried doing this the other day, my cousin attempted to show me how to do it. Massive fail. But your pictures helped me a lot
    THANKYOU! xx

  3. Love them! Never works when I attempt to do it because of my short layers.

  4. I really love these plaits and have been trying to do it to my hair, but my hairs having none of it! I just cant do it!!! lol
    yours looks great xx

  5. This looks lovely, i've always loved fishtail plaits!
    I wish my hair was longer :(

    http://lovelaughlauren.blogspot.com/ ♥

  6. Gorgeous braid! Gonna try it asap as I'm a huge fan of sidebraid. So easy to wear on a dailybasis.
    Your hair are so luscious!