22 June 2010

Braided fringe

I have been wearing my fringe like this for ages and think that it looks great when your hair is down or in a bun. After a few practices this becomes a lot easier and you can vary the amount of hair that you pick up and therefore create different style plaits - the following is probably an average amount of hair. Below are the steps to creating this hairstyle.

You will need:

Firstly section of the part of the hair to be braided and then tie the rest up in a bun or pony - anything to keep it out of the way.

Then take a small part of the sectioned piece, as shown in the picture.

 Separate the taken piece into three. 

Begin to plait the hair, but only a little amount as hair will need to be incorporated. Plait about the amount shown below.

Now you need to incorporate some of the hair from below the braid. You do this by taking a small amount from either side and joining it in with side pieces of the braid, as shown below.

Now continue to braid and keep adding pieces in everytime you do a cross over of a piece i.e on every movement. You should achieve something like this:

Keep on doing the same thing until you reach the end of your sectioned piece and then fix the braid in place by using the elastic bobble. If you do not have any of these you can quite easily use grips instead.

After this let down all the hair that was held out of the way and the style is complete! I hope this helped you. If there are any questions don't forget to comment below.

Princess Juicy T ♥


  1. ive been wearing braids a lot as well..love the tutorial!

    Anna Katrina

  2. so pretty.. that look screams fairytale dream-like to me! :D

    Animated Confessions

  3. This looks so much better on you than it does me! I love fishtail braids, I do mine in one big lump to the side so it falls over my shoulder. Looking forwards to your tutorial x

  4. I occasionally do that to my bangs (fringe) too!
    Cute blog.


  5. Cute! Mine never stays all neat and tidy as yours, it looks so nice! x

  6. nice tutorial! =D i just followed you hope you could follow mine as well.