15 June 2013

Look who's back, back again! ♥

Hey dolls,

After a very hectic year I am officially back to blogging! Here are a few picture of what I have been upto in my blogging absence:

Working hard on my Biology degree. I have now officially finished my second year as a university student studying Biology and it is nearly time to start work on my dissertation - scary times!

I was a hairdresser at a local beauty pageant, with the winner representing my town in the upcoming Miss England contest.

I went to the clothes show where I was a model for a Lee Stafford demonstration and met Amy Childs.

I celebrated Christmas with my little munchkin.

I Turned 20! Unfortunately my birthday fell right in the middle of exam week (eugh! Who wants a statistics exam at 9am on their birthday) but I made up for it at the weekend with a night out with my friend.

I've had some fun nights out with friends.

I went to see Cheryl Cole

....and Girls Aloud!

And along the way I've had this little cutie keeping me company!

Princess Juicy T ♥

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