20 October 2010

Halloween Cat look

Hey dolls,

So as you know halloween is just around the corner and I'm sure that you will be going to some sort of fancy dress and I think that this is an easy look to create!

To start, you have to draw a black line with eyeliner from the corner of the eye like so.

Then you have to continue the liner along your lower lash line.

Then join the line over the upper lash line ans extend outwards.

Using black eyeliner dot all around the eye area, right upto the eyebrow.

Blend the dots in using your fingers to get a even black colur and then follow the eyebrow shape roughly and fill it in to define the eyebrows and darken them.

Taking glitter, mine is a white with a purple sparkle, gently pat it over the eyelid and it should stay in place to give a dark glittery look.

Then draw on whiskers using the eyeliner and also a small black nose and dots above the mouth. To get the cat lips, I put on a red lipstick and then outlined my lips using black eyeliner and extended the lines to get a longer mouth which is then joned to the nose. Simply use your finger to blend together the lipstick and eyeliner to remove harsh lines.

I have on some wet look leggings and a sparkly top, although a plain black top could be used. Then I just have some patent black high heel shoes on and some cat ears. For the makeup, it needs to be dramatic as it is halloween after all!


  1. It looks amazing! Great post(:

  2. Sexy cat and a gorgeous look!!!

  3. It came out great!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. Gorgeous looks!!!
    I love em all!

    Come take a look at my blog if you like ;)


  5. Love it!♥


  6. lovely look. thanks for sharing. :) Just found your blog and following you now.

    Hope you drop by and visit my blog too :)


    Have a nice day!

  7. ahahaha this is so cute. Just found it! my fantasy but i failed many times to make it. You did it very good. Miss Princess than you very much:)

  8. The eye part of this makeup is a great look even for everyday, I think.