08 September 2010

Victoria's Secret

Hey dolls,

As many of you will be aware we do not currently have a Victoria's Secret in the UK, although I have heard rumours about one opening in London :) So when my Dad said that he was going to New York with work I was quick to jump to my computer and start making a list!

Many people in the UK think that Victoria's Secret is just an underwear shop but they sell so much more! I ♥ the pink clothing section and also the beauty rush makeup so I was so excited to start internet shopping :) I made a long list for my Dad, with pictures, sizes, item numbers, names ..... so that he could get the right stuff! Two products that caught my eye were the beauty rush mascara and the smokey eye palette. I have an obsession with the beauty rush lipglosses and have them in almost every flavour that they do so thought I would add the mascara to my collection. I usually use BadGal by Benefit, a product that I love, but have got to say that this mascara is just as good! The palette is also really good - it has alot of pigmentation and having all the colours together makes it easy to create a smokey look without carrying around loads of eyeshadows! So I though that I would do a tutorial on  using these new products, as well as some old favourites, on how to achieve a smokey day look. Here are the products that I am going to use:

Erase paste by Benefit
Lemonade by Benefit
Satisfied eye palette and BeautyRush mascara
Dior eyeshadow brush
MAC 228 brush

I also used BadGal by Benefit.

So first take erase paste by benefit and carefully dot under the eye area to help cover any dark circles - I have really bad ones! I ♥ this product as the coverage is great and it blends really well with the skin. Blend this in using the ring finger as the eye area is very sensitive and I want to avoid wrinkles!

Next you want to prime the eyelids to avoid any creasing and give your makeup the lasting factor. I use lemonade by Benefit and use my finger to cover the lid area.

Now it’s time to apply the eyeshadows! I do this using the MAC So initially I take a gunmetal shade and cover the whole eyelid with this. It’s a really nice shade and has a metallic look to it – rather like Urban Decay eyeshadows.

Then take the darkest shade, a black colour with a slight glitter to it, and pat it onto the outer edge of the eye and around the socket. Don’t worry if you appear to have a harsh line, as using a fluffy brush will blend the colours together later.

I then take the lighter shades, putting the lightest in the inside corner of the eye and the slightly darker one a litter further in.

Now I use a Dior eyeshadow brush to gently blend the colours and avoid any harsh lines!

Following this I apply my eyeliner to the lower lash line and water line – I normally only apply eyeliner to the lower lash line but as This is quite a dark eye look I do the lash line too. I use BadGal by Benefit and simply pull my eye down slightly and then run the eyeliner across.

Now the eyeshadow and liner are complete and all that is left to apply is mascara! I’m using the one mentioned previously. A little trick that I use to get the best coverage of lashes without making them look like spiders legs is to look down and run the mascara down the back of the lashes before apply as usual.

Tdarrrr! The smokey eye is complete. To make it a little more dramatic you could add false eyelashes and apply the colours more heavily, especially for a night out, but I was doing a more day time smokey look. Here is a before and after shot!


I hope you like it dolls and If you have any requests don’t hesitate to email me or comment on any of my posts :) So if you are heading to America or know people who are then make Victoria's Secrets a must on your shopping list. Also, a quick pointer is to sign up to www.vspink.com/pink_nation/ - they have exclusive offers and free gifts for members - this month you can buy and really nice T - shirt for $5!

Oohh and I would like to thank all my new followers! I never thought that I would get 10 people never alone over 50! So thank you.

Princess Juicy T ♥


  1. I have just discovered the wonders of your blog and have just followed!! I love the makeup look, i really hope they open a Victoria's Secret here :) xx

    I'm new to blogger so please feel free to check out my blog, it would be much appreciated :)

  2. Wow what a great make up post, you should do more like this!
    And i agree about victoria's secret - i have about 5 pairs of their sweat pants, they are the best!

  3. thanks for following my blog lovely :) xxx

  4. You can't beat benefit and MAC.
    I love them both so much.


  5. Hi Princess Juicy,
    Could you show us what the Benefit products look like opened? i was looking for a eraser product is it liquid or matte?

    GREAT BLOG!!! xxx

  6. Thanks for the follow :)
    Great blog Im thinking of trying the erase Paste.
    I LOVE BadGal and wear it often :)
    Sher x


  7. I agree, you should do more make-up posts.


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  9. so nice! wish i could do this as good as you!

  10. I love Victoria Secret, they do sell other things besides underwear, but there underwear is pretty cute lol.. They have really great smelling perfumes, body wash also :)

    If you ever want to do a swap I can def pick you up some things from VS :) just send me a email my email is on my blog!

    Also thanks for following my blog I followed you in return, I love how you have picture tutorials instead of video tutorials , pictures are usually more easier to follow.

    Have a beautiful day.


  11. I'd love to hear how do you get own with erase paste. I always wanted to try it! :)

    You look pretty!

  12. I more than love Pink by Victorias Secret, when I first went there I felt like I was home! haha x x

  13. Your purchases are great and the makeup look is so beautiful!
    Now following your blog,

  14. fantastic tutorial, it looks lovely. and ur right, i did think VS only sold underwear! x

  15. Such a pretty look! I love it :)

  16. Awesome post :)

    Check out my blog

  17. Wow i didnt know they didnt have victoria secrets in UK. ive been taking advantage of the ones we have in the US!

  18. What a fun post! Thanks for sharing :)

    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I'm following you now too.



  19. First - great job on the smoky eye!!

    I live in California and the VS stores are great! Your dad is awesome for stepping foot in one of the stores - it's underwear and pj's for days...the Pink stuff is so cute. Can't wait for you to get your goodies! Yay!


  20. I love Victoria Secret too, but we also don't have an exclusive shop here in my place. But the beauty shops do sell their perfumes, no underwears and all that..too bad.

  21. The light make-up looks good on you. Natural for the day time. I always preferred light make-up. This is nice. :)

  22. Just came across your blog! It's great! I won a contest and got some beauty rush products - they're great! x

  23. hey! I LOVE THIS BLOG!

    I like tha make-up! its great!
    I follow you ;)

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  24. just found your blog and i love it, i hope you'll follow me back :)




  25. I must try those products by Benefit! I have loads of MAC because I used to work there. I like this look but I can't live without black eyeliner so that's what I would add.

  26. i love all the products you got!
    i had no idea there wasn't a victoria's secret in the UK, they should definitely open one!

  27. Such a pretty look! And that smokey palette is calling me... However I will resist lol :)
    Sylvie xx

  28. The eyeshadow looks gorgeous! I hope they do open a Victoria Secret here :) xx